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Francesco Group is a globally integrated company with its headquarter in Maisons-Laffitte, France. It is the typical model which was combined the French technology, management system together with Chinese materials, human resources and competitive ability.

The company is an international leader in R&D, manufacturing, resourcing and marketing on segment of Medical Technologies, Chemical Industry and Mechanical engineering with its activities in approximately more than 50 countries, It has gained a very strong reputation internationally, and has been awarded the prestigious honour of being selected as good Managed Companies in France and China.

A plenty of experts from France and China in wide professional field assured our product line keep in  their top quality, dominated capacity and most efficient cost. Through its core operating divisions, the company pursues a growth-oriented international strategy, with Customers and suppliers circle the global.

Frandecom Group have been able to explore and exploit the emerging requirements for its business segment and committed to create the prosperous future together with our clients by using our experience, reliance and network strength.

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