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Product Name:  First Aid Kit for travelling
Product No.:  FRC-FAB07
Add Date:  2006-8-31
View num:  1097

No Description of first aid kit for travelling pcs
S001 elastic bandage (with polymers), size 8cm*400cm, sealed and sterilized , 1
cover wound bandage in place.
S002  wound dressingnon-woven , size 10cm*10cm ,sterilized , cover wounds 1
S003 wound dressingnon-woven , size 5cm*5cm, sterilized, cover wounds 1
N004 bottle of sterilized water, use for miliaria, sting by mosquitos and bugs 1
S005 sticking plaster, size 1.25cm*500cm, keep bandage in place 1
S006 adhesive dressing,size 6cm*10cm, cover small wounds  1
S007 elastic adhesive bandage,size 2cm*7cm, cover small wounds 20
N008 non-woven triangle cloth ,size 96cm*96cm*136cm, folded size 13cm*18cm, 1
immobilize and keep splints in place 
S009 high-carbon steel bandage scissors,15cm long, sterilized 1
N010 safety pins, keep bandage in place 3
S011 Plastic tweezer, size 12cm,  in self-sealed pocket with 1 label,avoid cross infection  1
N012  iodine voiet, 20ml put in a plastic bottle,use for sterilizing 1
S013 tampon,  0.2g/pce, put in self-sealed plastic bag with label 1
N014 a plastic bottle of Luotongding, use for stimulating circulation to end stasis , activate   1
the channels, assuage pain caused by damage of acute or chronic soft tissue.
N015 instruction for using and products list 1
N016 nylon outer pocket ,size 11cm*15cm*7.5cm 1
 N means not sterilized, S means sterilized.


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